About NorthStar

NorthStar Medical Radioisotopes, LLC, was founded in 2006 by the principals of NorthStar Growth Partners, LLC ("NGP") located in Madison, Wisconsin.

NGP has obtained exclusive access to worldwide patents through a License Agreement obtained from PG Research Foundation1. The patented technologies have many separable market applications and broadly contain methods and instrumentation that can solve a myriad of problems in producing ultrapure radioisotopes. One such market is for nuclear medicine and NGP has given the NorthStar Medical Radioisotopes an exclusive worldwide right to bring the technology to this marketplace.

NorthStar management has recognized that these technologies can be successfully deployed into the explosive, emerging, and ever-changing nuclear medicine market and will have the ability to revolutionize the methods and processes used in the production and distribution of radioisotopes, particularly short-lived ones. The company aims to create instrumentation and associated disposables for radionuclide separation, dosing, and dispensing for sale to research laboratories and commercial suppliers of these radiopharmaceuticals throughout United States.

NorthStar will also enable researchers to expand diagnostic and therapy choices of desired isotopes to conduct research upon, and mitigate a significant portion of the risk associated with the production and conjugation, and administration of the radiopharmaceutical.

NorthStar's technology will be incorporated and utilized by these research laboratories and commercial nuclear pharmacies engaged in providing dose preparation for support of groundbreaking clinical studies for new therapies and diagnostics in nuclear medicine.

Utilizing NorthStar's extensive network of contacts throughout the world, NorthStar will be engaged in providing the newest isotopes in sufficient quantity to meet the needs of today's researchers and tomorrow's pharmaceutical developers. NorthStar intends to set new standards for safety, purity and dose consistency.

1 PGRF is the PG Research Foundation Inc., is a technology development company with a high level of expertise in chemical separation knowledge and significant experience in separating nuclear Isotopes. Its founder, E. Phil Horwitz is a retired Senior Scientist of Argonne National Laboratory in Argonne, IL and has a distinguished career in this area of science.