Domestic Supply

Currently, almost the entire supply of Mo-99 is imported from aging foreign nuclear reactors. NorthStar seeks to become the first domestic supplier of this critical radioisotope in over 25 years, helping to address supply shortages, as well as security and logistical complexities associated with importation.

Five foreign research reactors produce most of the world’s Mo-99. These reactors use highly enriched uranium (HEU) targets, and are all over 45 years old, as of 2016.

  • NRU in Chalk River, Canada, is 58 years old; CLOSED
  • BR-2 in Mol, Belgium, is 55
  • HFR in Petten, the Netherlands, is 55
  • Osiris in Saclay, France, is 50; CLOSED
  • Safari-1 in Pelindaba, South Africa, is 51