Molybdenum-99 Production Waste

  Highly Enriched
Uranium (HEU)
produced Mo-99 (3)
Low Enriched
Uranium (LEU)
produced Mo-99 (3)
Mo-99 Production
Processes (4,5)
Uranium including
U238, U235, U234 (1)
Yes Yes No
Plutonium-239 (1) Yes Yes No
Fission products Yes Yes No
Alpha emitting waste Yes Yes No
radioisotopes (2)
Yes Yes Yes


  1. Half-lives: U238, 4.5 billion years; U235, 704 million years; U234, 246,000 years; Pu239, 24,110 years
  2. Includes long-lived technetium-99
  3. The waste included in these two raw material approaches are difficult to dispose of and the cost associated with disposal is significant.
  4. The cost to dispose of NorthStar's waste is significantly lower than processes using uranium based raw material.
  5. NorthStar has the ability to recover its raw material for reuse, thus reducing the cost of its raw material and reducing the volume of material to be handled as waste.