NorthStar Manufacturing

NorthStar’s Molybdenum-99 Processing and Filling Capacity

NorthStar recently completed installation and qualification of two state-of-the-art Von Gahlen Mo-99 filling systems at our NorthStar facility in Columbia, Missouri.  This allows NorthStar to supply a meaningful volume of Mo-99 to the U.S. market.

Empty Source Vessel Staging Area

Hot Cell and Shielded Storage Area

Filled Source Vessel Inspection Glove Box

To increase capacity beyond Columbia’s Mo-99 supply, to provide redundancy, and to ensure reliability of supply, NorthStar has embarked on a major expansion of its Beloit, Wisconsin facility.  This investment will significantly increase our Dissolution, Source Vessel filling and Logistics capacities. Four filling systems, two dissolution systems and additional logistics space are under contract to fulfill our goal of supplying a significant portion of the United States’ Mo-99 supply.


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