NorthStar’s accelerator program exemplifies our dedication to providing customers with unsurpassed reliability by leveraging cutting edge technology.

BIG Innovation

We are investing in groundbreaking technology to produce accelerator Mo-99 (aMo-99) from Mo-100 using electron-beam accelerators. This second source of non-uranium Mo-99 will complement commercial availability of our concentrated Mo-99 (cMo 99) product, substantially increasing production capacity and flexibility, reducing the reliance on international sources of Mo-99.


Production of aMo-99 from Mo-100 using electron-beam accelerators is more efficient than the current method – converting Mo-98 to Mo-99 via neutron capture. Using this innovative “neutron knock-out” method, about 30% more Mo-99 is produced per gram of target material when compared to the traditional neutron capture route.


Accelerator Mo-99 (aMo-99) will be produced, processed and shipped from our state-of-the-art complex in Beloit, Wisconsin, with multiple days of production.

By integrating all components of the commercial process on the same campus, NorthStar will provide customers with unmatched reliability, free of the unavoidable delays experienced by some current suppliers that need to transport irradiated product to processing facilities and then to the U.S. before they can manufacture and ship Tc-99m generators. In some cases, this journey crosses oceans and continents and can exceed 10,000 miles, potentiating the risk of delays. By commercializing Mo-99 from dual U.S. operations, NorthStar can offer customers flexibility to schedule their weekly deliveries, which is not possible today with current standards.

NorthStar is the first and only supplier in the world producing Mo-99 using this environmentally friendly alternative. By investing in this innovative technology, we are ensuring a strong and scalable domestic supply of Mo-99 that can meet the growing demand for this invaluable radioisotope.