Radiopharmaceutical Therapy


Copper-67 (Cu-67) is a short-range, beta-emitting radioisotope which is attractive for medical purposes due to its ability to carry sufficient radiation energy to cause cell death in targeted cells while having a short half-life, limiting unwanted radioactivity in otherwise healthy tissue. Initial data in ongoing clinical trials shows evidence of the therapeutic benefits in children and adults with cancer when compared to conventional cancer therapies.

We are routinely producing Cu-67 to ensure expanded and reliable supply of this promising radioisotope for the treatment of cancer.


Development of Cu-67 has also been hampered by the lack of chelators that securely attach copper to its targeted molecule. Clarity Pharmaceuticals’ Targeted Copper Theranostics platform using chelators that securely hold copper, is now reaching later stage development and commercialization and will treat cancers such as neuroblastoma, breast and prostate.

Scalable, Reliable,
Domestic Production Processes

NorthStar’s unique and proprietary electron Accelerator Production facility and processes are designed to provide efficiencies throughout the production process, thereby enabling the production of multiple radioisotopes utilizing the same equipment.

Our 30,000 sq. ft. state-of-the- art Accelerator Production facility houses two Rhodotron TT300 Electron Accelerators. This advanced technology will produce clean, commercial quantities of Cu-67 and is environmentally friendly and non-uranium based. The manufacturing process has no long-lived contaminants or byproducts and its starting material, zinc, is readily available. This clean manufacturing process allows for high volume production, with no issues associated with access to stable target material or generation of long-lived radioactive waste.

  • Unique, proprietary facility and processes designed to provide efficiencies that enable production of multiple radioisotopes utilizing the same equipment
  • Routinely produced using an electron accelerator
  • Beta emitter with a 61.8–hour half-life
  • Cu-67 therapeutic companion to Cu-64 (diagnostic)
Our Copper-67
Fact Sheet

Cu-64 SAR-bisPSMA PET/CT imaging before and after a single cycle of 8GBq Cu-67 SAR-bisPSMA (cohort 2)

(photo courtesy of Clarity Pharmaceuticals)


Sept 2019
Accelerator Production facility groundbreaking
Jan 2021
Facility construction completed
Apr 2021
Delivery of electron accelerator pair
Mid 2022
Electron accelerator pair and associated equipment operational
Mid 2023
Initial production of radiochemical grade Cu-67