We Are

NorthStar’s ethos of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit empowers our employees to develop novel solutions. Their drive has allowed us to overcome the challenges of domestic production and distribution of critical medical radioisotopes.


The NorthStar Way

Our mission is to provide patients global access to game-changing radiopharmaceuticals. Diagnostic and treatment applications for radiopharmaceuticals are evolving, and we intend to meet the industry’s changing needs through innovation.


Featured Jobs

Health Physics Technician
The Health Physics Technician (HPT) performs technical functions related to NorthStar’s radiation safety program under the supervision of the Deputy Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) & Lead Health Physicist. HPT work practices must comply with WI and Federal regulations, NorthStar radioactive material licenses and radiation device registrations, and NorthStar policies and procedures.
CDMO Product Development Technician II/Senior
The CDMO Product Development Technician II will provide support in NorthStar’s radiologic science laboratories within the CDMO Product Development Department. Responsibilities include the ability to independently perform laboratory controls, maintenance and calibration of equipment, manifestation and disposal of radioactive material, preparation of laboratory solutions, assistance with product development/production, and general laboratory maintenance. This role will specialize in development, verification, and validation of current and/or new and existing radiopharmaceutical products/medical devices. The Senior CDMO Product Development Technician will have additional responsibilities, including leading laboratory process improvements, conducting training for others entering the radiation space, and providing direction and leadership to other technicians.
Manufacturing Science & Technology (MS&T) Engineer
The MS&T Engineer is responsible for supporting both internal and external manufacturing and technical transfer activities to support manufacturing readiness. This includes assisting in the development of operations and maintenance procedures and other necessary documentation to ensure effective process transfer between process development and operations.


Our success depends on our dedicated and entrepreneurial team. We value the people who make this mission possible, and aim to provide them with a fulfilling, goal-oriented, rewarding culture in which all employees will thrive.


NorthStar is headquartered in Beloit Wisconsin, with additional facilities in Madison, Wisconsin.