Radiopharmaceutical Therapy


Both actinium-225 (Ac-225) and copper-67 (Cu-67) are considered some of the rarest radioisotopes on earth. They are not naturally occurring isotopes and therefore need to be manufactured. There are several production technologies, but none that yield significant commercial quantities with the ability to scale in response to market demand. NorthStar’s electron accelerator technologies solve this challenge.


NorthStar is vertically integrated: we develop, produce, process, and ship radioisotopes and eventually radiopharmaceuticals from a single campus.

Our 55-acre campus, located in Beloit, Wisconsin, also has an adjacent power substation to ensure uninterrupted services.

We have the ability to scale production of our radioisotopes as market demand increases.


  • NorthStar’s commercial scale production of these rare radioisotopes will help mitigate supply shortages
  • Multiple Ac-225 generators on hand at all times
  • Dedicated logistics team experienced in domestic and international shipments
  • Established and responsive to the specifics of shipping radioactive isotopes
    • Ability to adjust to adverse weather
  • Centrally located manufacturing facility in the Midwest
    • 5 airports within 90 minutes, including Chicago O’Hare
  • Responsive production: STAT requests, product out the door quickly (adaptive)
  • Availability maximized, downtime minimized


  • NorthStar’s expertise in technical innovation, engineering, manufacturing, quality assurance, regulatory compliance, and logistics provides tailored solutions for each customer’s specific needs.
  • Successful previous and ongoing experience with the FDA and other regulatory agencies:
    • Product Approvals > Inspections > Licensing
  • Awards: recognized worldwide as innovators by institutions and organizations
    • Frost & Sullivan 2020 Visionary Innovation Leadership Award (Oct 2020)
    • US Department of Energy’s Outstanding Achievement Award (Sept 2018)
    • WCI (World Council of Isotopes): recognizes outstanding contributions to isotopes and their uses to benefit mankind (Feb 2020)
    • ABC of Wisconsin’s Projects of Distinction: Excellence in Construction Gold Award for NorthStar’s Isotope Processing facility (March 2021)
    • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Green Challenge Award Nominee (Dec 2021, Dec 2022)


  • Well established
    • Headquarters and operations, isotope production and processing in Beloit, WI
    • Engineering, Analytical & Product Testing, and Research and Development in Madison, WI
    • 250 employees and growing, with high-tech expertise
  • State-of-the-art technology designed to meet growing radiotherapeutic demand
  • Designed with a focus on redundancy, reliability and scalable expansion

Our Mission


For more information on collaborating with NorthStar, please contact [email protected] and check our LinkedIn page for updates on our radiopharmaceutical therapy programs.