NorthStar Medical Radioisotopes Named Winner of BioForward’s 2011 Emerging Company Showcase

MADISON, Wis. –Sept. 8 —   NorthStar Medical Radioisotopes was among six Wisconsin bioscience companies to be selected as the winners of BioForward’s 2011 Emerging Company Showcase. The showcase is part of the 2011 Bioscience Vision Summit, hosted by BioForward, the member-driven state association that is the voice of Wisconsin’s bioscience industry. The Emerging Company Showcase is sponsored by the University of Wisconsin-Madison Office of Corporate Relations, WARF, and Exact Sciences.

Bryan Z. Renk, Executive Director of BioForward, said, “Congratulations to NorthStar and all of our winners. NorthStar was selected as a winner because it has been successful transitioning out of research and development, with a good proof of concept.  In addition, NorthStar has a unique value proposition.”

Madison-based NorthStar provides innovative solutions for material shortages in the nuclear medicine market that have plagued the industry and research. NorthStar’s main focus is to produce Technetium-99m, which is used in over 50,000 diagnostic tests daily. FDA submittal is expected before year’s end.

“The Emerging Company Showcase Award from BioForward is an affirmation of NorthStar’s commitment to become a major player in the healthcare field of Nuclear Medicine,” said George Messina, NorthStar’s Chairman and CEO. “We are forging new relationships, developing new and novel technologies and introducing some of these technologies to solve emerging medical problems in the U.S. We are pleased and proud to be recognized for our progress.”

Messina and other executives from NorthStar were on hand to receive the award Sept. 8 in Madison at the BioForward’s 2011 Bioscience Vision Summit.  They were joined from executives representing the other company’s recognized with the Emerging Company Showcase Award including:

  • Cellulose Sciences International (CSI), Madison, WI
  • NCD Technologies , Madison, WI
  • PhylloTech , Madison, WI
  • Restore Health , Madison, WI
  • VACCIgen, Madison, WI

Renk, who presented the awards, said, “These six companies characterize the diversity and innovation of technology within Wisconsin’s bioscience industry,” adding, “BioForward is committed to fostering growth in Wisconsin and these organizations represent key industries that will be at the center of future job creation.”

About BioForward 

BioForward is the member-driven state association that is the voice of Wisconsin’s bioscience industry. We advocate actively on our members’ behalf to create investment and partnership opportunities, attract and retain the very best people, and support public policy that fosters their continued growth. We also provide member-support services that include networking opportunities through a variety of conferences and events, online resources and group purchasing programs. Our members include bioscience companies, universities, non-profits, service providers, and state, regional and local government representatives.

About NorthStar Medical Radioisotopes

NorthStar Medical Radioisotopes, LLC (“NorthStar”) was founded in 2006 for the purpose of introducing new technologies and the sourcing of radioactive isotopes for the medical imaging and the developing therapeutic market. NorthStar’s concentration has been to solve material shortage problems and technology shortcomings to assure a reliable economical supply to the industry but also to enable that researchers who have been hampered by technology and raw material shortcomings can conduct their research in a productive, safe and economical manner.